Young Leadership


Maccabim Hebrew School Leadership Course
Ages: 12 and up
קורס מנהיגות צעירה,לגילאי 12 ומעלה

Each of us belongs to different circles in life that define us as individuals and as members of the communities we live in.

The first circle is the individual one—"the self” and our surroundings (family and friends). The next circle is the community and, in a larger sense, the state and/or nation. The biggest circle is the world, both physical and social.

Between all these layers of connection there is an interdependence that inspires meaningful questions. Sometimes we are required to show personal and communal responsibility so we can preserve and develop our connections and interdependence. Throughout time, addressing these relationships has been a central part of Jewish culture.

In the leadership course, we will explore questions that come from the relationship between all these circles in life, and we will ask ourselves, “What is my part in all this?” The activities in the group encourage us to look inside ourselves and ask questions about identity and social affiliations. Through experiential activities, students will find answers and solutions and reach conclusions. Supported with texts from Jewish sources, this course allows new reflection on the value of the individual and his or her belonging.

The subjects that are taught in these programs:

Myself and I
    •    Do we know ourselves? What are our characteristics?
    •    Connection / relating to Mitzvot Teffilah; text study: "Modeh Ani"

Myself and the family
    •    The meaning of the family
    •    The strength of the family connection
    •    The connection to Mitzvot of Shabbat, the Kiddush

Myself and the group
    •    Characteristics of the group
    •    The power of the group
    •    My place in the group
    •    What do you need for success?
    •    The connection to Mitzvot: Tefilah, and the Minyan

Myself and society
    •    The meaning of being part of a group
    •    Stereotypes
    •    Bystander effect
    •    The connection to Mitzvah of Chesed

Myself and Judaism
    •    What does it mean to be Jewish?
    •    Who is a Jew?
    •    What is the connection? People of Israel, State of Israel, Jewish culture


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